Affordable New Tires Kenosha Racine WI

Affordable New Tires Kenosha Racine WI

The seasons change frequently in Wisconsin, and the weather months can be really tough on your tires. It's important to remember to get new tires once the tread starts to wear down. Tires without the proper amount of tread are unable to grip the road and may result in a collision on a day when tough road conditions make things slippery. Whether it's raining, snowing, or the road is covered in ice, your best bet for a safe drive is to have good tires.

Whether you drive a heavy pickup truck or a compact sedan, the team at Palmen Auto Stores has the perfect tires for your car. Our service center technicians are experienced and can help you make the best choice on tires you can depend on. When it comes to taking care of cars, we care a lot. It's our number one priority to get your car feeling great and back out onto the road as quickly as possible. Let us help you get your tires ready!


New tires from Palmen are available at a variety of different pricepoints. The team at Palmen understands that vehicle expenses can be a struggle and is working hard every day to provide high quality services and products you can depend on.



When you get into your car, you are depending on your tires to carry you wherever you need to go. Here at Palmen Auto Stores we know that tire issues can really put a dent in your day. You can depend on your tires from Palmen to be of the best quality and you can depend on the team here to take care of any tire issues you run into along the way.



Whether you are looking for all-season tires to make your daily drive more confident all-year, or you need specialized tires for your sports car or truck, the team at Palmen Auto stores is here and ready to help. We want to ensure that your vehicle gets the attention and tires it needs to take on what the road throws your way. 

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Palmen Auto Stores Has Tires for You

Between all our locations in Kenosha and Racine, we have an incredible number of tires just waiting to be driven home. Whatever you need, there's a qualified Palmen professional who is waiting to answer your questions.

On top of putting on some new tires, it is important to remember to have them aligned. Tires that need to be aligned can be a danger to you and drivers around you. Once out of alignment, tires can cause the issues with your steering and will wear down unevenly. Here at Palmen Auto Stores, we can make sure you get the right tires, and ensure that they are properly aligned and ready to hit the road.

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