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Make the Kenosha Dream Playground Project a Reality

Playgrounds are a great place for children to interact with others – and of course, play. But for children with a handicap, most playgrounds provide a challenge. The Kenosha Dream Playground Project is an idea for a playground that ALL children can enjoy. With the help of many donors and organizations from the community, the Kenosha Dream Playground Project is closer to becoming a reality. Built in Kennedy Park in Kenosha, the playground will be a special place for all children to enjoy.

At Palmen Automotive Group, we are excited about making the Kenosha Dream Playground a reality. That’s why we recently donated a van to the project which is able to help in numerous ways. The van was then wrapped by Graphics Inc to allow it to also display the message about the playground. With the help of the community, the Kenosha Dream Playground Project will soon be a reality!

Want to help?


Contact Tammy Conforti at 262-948-1956
or Jaime Forsythe at 262-697-1077

Donations accepted at www.thekac.com/playground.

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